• What happens during a counselling session?
    In your first session, I will take you through an initial assessment, which will be a series of questions to get to know you and the issues you’re bringing to therapy. I will also want to find out about your present situation as well as issues and patterns from your past that you may want to work through. At the end of the assessment, I will explain to you how I plan to work with you, keeping your personal situation in mind. You can then decide how you feel about continuing therapy with me.

During subsequent sessions, therapy will offer you a safe, confidential space each week for you to feel heard and understood, to gain new perspectives on difficulties in your life, and for you to build a stronger sense of yourself.

  • How many sessions will I need?
    That depends on the issues you are bringing to therapy and how deeply you wish to delve into underlying issues from your past. I may offer you an initial 6 to 10 sessions, after which we can review how things are going. If you wish to explore your issues further, then we can continue therapy on an open-ended basis.
  • How much does a session cost?
    I normally charge £55 per session during the mornings /£60 per session during late evenings (6-9 pm), £65 per session for trauma-focussed interventions and £80 per session (for couples) and occasionally offer low-cost counselling to those on low income. I want people from all walks of life to be able to benefit from counselling. Fees are payable by cash at the end of each session or via internet banking within 24 hours of the session.
  • How frequently do I have to come for counselling?
    Sessions are weekly, of 50 mins duration, which can be either face-to-face or online (via zoom). A couples therapy session is of 75 mins duration. It may be possible to arrange more frequent sessions on an occasional or ongoing basis (such as during the time of a personal / relationship crisis).