I offer evidence-based psychotherapy, which is personalised and tailored to meet your needs. I aim to help you attain the goals you are striving for, by providing you with a warm, accepting and supportive space, where your issues can be explored in depth. I am committed to developing a therapeutic relationship with you that is non-judgmental, confidential and safe.

‘Change can only come about once we become who or what we truly are’.

I aim to help you explore what feels real to yourself (your thoughts, feelings and attitudes) so that you can develop insight into who you are. In meeting yourself - with your raw emotions and vulnerabilities - you can gain the clarity, strength and courage to meet life (and others) with greater authenticity and well being.

My approach is integrative-transpersonal, which means, I work by combining a whole range of therapeutic approaches and techniques, such as psychodynamic, gestalt, transactional analysis, cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, existential and also, transpersonal.

Two approaches I heavily draw on, are the psychodynamic approach and the gestalt approach. While the psychodynamic approach aims to gain insight into the origins of your painful feelings and disturbing behaviours, the gestalt approach aims to increase your awareness of all that you are experiencing in the here-and-now and the choices available to you in the present.

Another approach I am drawn to, is the existential approach, which aims to explore your values and what gives you the greatest meaning and purpose in your life.

Transpersonal means that some sort of process is occurring within us, which in essence, goes beyond us. The goal of transpersonal therapy is the expanding of your consciousness and a deepening of your self-awareness. Depending upon the outcome hoped for, I can empower you with techniques such as meditation, mindfulness and positive affirmations to help you to achieve the same. Mindfulness allows you to gently and compassionately focus your attention - to your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations - in the present moment - and without judgement. It encourages you to stay present, with whatever it is that you are experiencing, thereby enabling you to break free from self-defeating habit patterns. Positive affirmations are helpful in creating a positive image of yourself, as they allow you to consistently affirm your positive qualities. By creating an image of yourself as you want to be, they can also become a means of moving towards your goals.

I am also trained in several cognitive-behavioral interventions, which are empirically validated and can work well in treating many states of anxiety and depression.

I believe that the relationship between therapist and client is the most important factor in achieving goals in therapy and therefore, I strive to establish relational depth with each of my clients. While I am willing to give my 100%, the effectiveness of therapy also depends upon your willingness to explore disturbing emotions in therapy and to take responsibility for yourselves. Together, this can yield the best results.

I am respectful of individual and cultural differences, whether of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or any other difference.

‘One must learn to love oneself…with a wholesome and healthy love, so that one can bear to be with oneself and need not roam.’ Nietzsche.